197 Arlayne Road, Kaleden

After years of searching, we finally found a house that we liked better than our Sage Mesa house. This has a great view, is flat, and has lots of privacy. The house has a very unique layout that makes it feel big, but still cozy at the same time. The living areas and kitchen are all down on the main level and all the bedrooms are upstairs.
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Trees everywhere

The lot is .45 acres and has lots of lawn area, but is populated by shade trees and fruit trees. There are 2 cherry trees, a peach tree, 2 nectarine trees, a walnut tree, 2 apple trees and more. The lot borders on an orchard, so the setting is very quiet.
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Yellow Trees

Don't know what kind of trees these are, but you can easily see where the home is located because of the two trees with bright yellow leaves. The house itself is very private and can only be seen from a private driveway to 3 other houses. When the owner put this house on the market, it took them two days to find the keys as they never bother to lock the doors. They have lived there for 17 years.
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There are several small patios on the south side. This one is off the living room.
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This patio is covered with a trellis and growth (Jean can tell you the plant name) to give great shade in the summer heat.
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Front Entrance

With the master bedroom balcony above.
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Flower Pots

In baskets and on the window sills. Jean likes this sort of thing.
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Park setting

Looking north and west from the south lawn.
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With a View

Looking south and easy from the south lawn
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Old owners

Donald and Margaret Bird
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Wood Stove #1

View from the living room towards the entry way, stairs going up and kitchen further back
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Entry way

From inside looking out
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Staircase #1

Up to the master bedroom
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Dining Room

Looking towards the entry way and living room
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And outside door off kitchen and dining room
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Stairway #2

Going upstairs from family room and west entrance
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Wood Stove #2

In the family room. The house has baseboard heating too, if we get tired of wood or are away from home.
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South deck

You can see some of the trees from here, and the for sale sign.
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View from South deck

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Master bedroom

Entrance from the hallway. Fantastic view out the window.
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Jet Tub in Ensuite

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Yes, room for bed too!

The master bedroom is huge, but we'll need to sleep too.
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Master bedroom Deck

View south
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Master bedroom deck

View west
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Master bedroom deck

View north towards Penticton
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View from East

From the east side of Skaha Lake looking west. The house is by the tree with the yellow leaves. It's hidden behind the trees from this angle.
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View from South

This is taken from Lakehill Road, close the Linden Ave where the Library and Firehall are located. Here you can see the yellow leaves.
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Closeup from South

You can see the chimney and roof peaking up over the orchard.
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