Jacobsen's Blackberry Hunt - 2001

First blackberry pie found at Molly's Reach in Gibsons. It was also our first stop off the ferry.

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Took a break by the beach to relax. Sounded like a good idea until we realized it was too hot to sit in the sun and there was no shade. And worse, all the blackberrys had been cut down by the park maintenance crew because they considered them a weed.

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In Egmont, there is the Skookumchuck Trail that leads to an inlet narrows that has some great currents. The trail is quite long and takes about 45 mins each way. After the first 5 mins, the Green Rosette appeared. It was a small bakery up on the hill overlooking the trail. Of course, we had to stop in. They had just finished baking their first blackberry cake of the season and we got the first slices. Never did walk the rest of the trail.

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One of the places with nice cabins on the water is Lord Jim's resort in Halfmoon Bay. We didn't stay there, but had to test out their cold drinks and scenic deck. We stayed long enough that we had to move out of the shadows into the sun to warm up.

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5 mins south was the Jolly Roger. We tested their deck for dinner and watched the sun set. Then it was back to the motel for sleep.

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Left Gibsons the next morning and made it to this pub in Coquitlam just in time for a late lunch. Seems we spent a lot of time in restaurants and pubs on this trip. No blackberry anything here.

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After dropping off Mom and Dad in Mission, we headed south to Highway 20 and then east. We had never taken this route across the mountains partly because it's closed in the winter due to snow levels and steepness of the hills. There are several dams and lakes in this pass. This picture is overlooking Diablo Lake which is close to the Ross Lake Damn.

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The mountains at the Washington Pass Overlook are very spectacular. These pictures do not really show the height of the mountains and the depth of the valley, but in the last picture where Jean is standing on the edge of the cliff and holding her stomach, you can see how she feels about it. It's straight down behind her.

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Our last stop was at the Two Rivers Cafe in Winthrop, Washington. We ate on an outside deck and did not finish dinner until it was dark out. We had candles on the table and torch burning on the edge of the deck, but it was too dark to get a good picture. However, this place had the very best blackberry pie. Very fresh and still warm.

From there, we drove 2-1/2 hours home and finished the first part of our holiday.