June 1, 2006

You cannot go to Copenhagen without visiting the Little Mermaid. (Apparently)

Two Swans and Five ugly ducklings

Changing of the guards at the main palace. Happens every day at 12 noon. When you look real close, all the guards are very young. Are they allowed to have real bullets?

Lunch in Nyhaven. Nyhaven translated to english means New Harbour. It's been here for hundreds of years.

Jean and Heather look a little dark because we had to hide under a tent for lunch. It was raining - again.

Hhhhhmmmm. With a name like this, it must be good beer.

In the evening, we were invited for supper with Claus, Tina, Cecilie and Magnus (Magnus was asleep at this point)

Claus was born in Greenland, but came back to Denmark to attend boarding school for his high school years. His parents, Herluf and Annie stayed in Greenland until just recently. Claus works with the phone company.

I had met Claus very briefly in 1969 when I was 14 and he was a bit younger. But only once or twice before he had to return to Greenland. He has been watching our progress on this website, so it was fun to go back and visit with him.

While taking this picture, Tina commented 'Will this be showing up on the internet now?' HHHmmmm. Yes.

Just for good luck. Another picture of Tina and Claus.

My Mom's Mom's House. (Mormor)

22 Stenmarglevej, Husun

When we visited last in 1969, the deck on the right side was open and not glassed in.