June 3, 2006

Bjarne's Birthday

He turns 67 today and starts a full pension. Is he celbrating making it to 67 or the pension?

From left to right Elsie-Marie, Bjarne, Jean, Dennis, Dad (looking away), Sanne (Susanne, hidden by card), Lizzi, Morton

From left to right Dad, Heather, Mom, Benny

Sanne and Karsten

Lizzie and Morton

Jean and Dennis

Gitte and Helge

Benny and Mom

Annie and Herluf

Clockwise, starting at the front. Dad, Heather, Annie, Herluf, Gitte, Helge.

More of the same. You should know the names by now.

Still more of the same crowd.

Tivoli. This marching band played several times, marching all around Tivoli.