June 4, 2006

The harbour cruise boats travel up and down the canals in addition to getting out into the open water. There is not much clearance under the bridges, and the boats are so long they have jockey around this corner. Notice how part of the boat is still under the bridge and the other end is up against the wall.

Harbour Cruises

Lost in Translation

Athlete's World is a famous chain of stores. So is Foot Locker. This competitors name sounds great if you don't know that the translation is a pretty ugly skin condition that no one wants.

This statue was just outside our hotel.

Helge, Ditte and Dorte.

Last day in Copenhagen. Helge and Dorte invited us for lunch along with Mom, Dad and Lizzie.


Helge and Dorte's daughter. She is 12 years old.

Dorte and Lizzie.


Ditte playing with a remote controlled car. She is just starting to take english in school.

Heather playing with the other remote controlled car.

Language was not a problem with these two playing together.
Outside deck at Helge and Dorte's house. Note that the roof of the deck is missing. They lost it in a big storm last winter.
Inside a maze close to the zoo.