May 23, 2006

We flew to Zurich and stayed in the international terminal until catching our flight to Copenhagen. This meant not having to clear customs or show our passport in Switzerland. A little different than when flying through the US were they check every passenger, even if they are flying through.

In Copenhagen, there was a passport check, but it was extremely quick with no real line up.

Bjarne, Else Marie and Mette came to see us at the airport. We were pretty tired after the trip, so Bjarne drove us to our hotel and we caught up on our sleep.

The Palace Hotel is right in the center of town, right across from City Hall the square, which was right across from Tivoli, which was right across from the main train station. The Palace Hotel, while nicely situated, is an older hotel without internet. And to Jean's dismay, did not have a coffee pot.

Jan - this picture is for you. This wagon was just outside our hotel, and at times there were two of them in the square and another just around the corner. Yes, they taste just like they did in 1969.
Bjarne, Else Marie and Jean at dinner on the first night. Heather joined us too.
We were entertained by a few muscians during dinner. Apparently, Jet Lag was setting in with me.

Hans Christian Anderson
Birthday April 2nd

Poul Dennis Jacobsen
Birthday April 2nd

Exactly 150 years apart in age.