May 25, 2006

We visited Mom and Dad at Bjarne's place and went for lunch at a restaurant close by. Dad had picked up their train and bus passes earlier, and then after lunch, Heather, Jean and I bought our passes. The passes were for a month, but we planned to cash them in at the end of our trip. This way, we only paid for the days we were there.

After lunch, Mom stayed home for a rest. Dad, Jean, Heather and I walked around the downtown area and then got together for supper later.

Note how Dad's back pocket looks a little loose. Also notice how his jacket is not long enough to cover his back pocket. Even if you didn't notice, a pick pocket did and his wallet was missing shortly after this picture was taken.

The weather barometer. This is just across from the square.

When the girl on the bicylce is all with way out, it's going to be sunny. When the girl with the umbrella is all the way out, it's going to rain. During our whole trip, both were partly out, partly in. It would be sunny one minute and then suddenly be raining. We carried an umbrella with us, but the wind was sometimes a challenge.