May 26, 2006

Frederiksborg Castle

We travelled by train to Hillerød to visit with Mette, Henrik and family. First step was to tour the castle, which has been well preserved and includes a large museum.

We were a little distracted, however, with trying to get Dad's credit cards cancelled so I was on the phone and text messaging Jan while touring. Dad told me he had a Visa card, so we tried cancelling that. No luck. When Jan drove to Mission and went through his pile of papers, we found out why we could not cancel his Visa. He didn't have one. He had American Express.

Thanks for all your help, Jan. We had a lovely time while you drove an hour each way plus time spent in Mission after working a graveyard shift.

Lunch before touring the castle.

Henrik's home. It's an older home that needed a lot of work, but over the last two years, they have really fixed it up nice. It has a nice lot to go with it, so there's lots of room outdoors for the kids to play.

Dinner time. Henrik's job is to cut the pork roast.


Long day, lots of worry over the credit cards and being laughed at and ridiculed for loosing his wallet finally took it's toll. Dad crashed on the train on the way home.