May 27, 2006

The Family Reunion

Well, sort of. Something got lost in the translation. Several months ago, Mom told me about the family reunion coming up on her side of the family. So Jean and I supplied airline tickets to Mom and Dad to go.

After our trip to Hawaii, I woke up at 3 in the morning thinking about where our next vacation should be. Then thought about the family reunion and that I had not been in Denmark since 1969. Decided that family was important, got up and checked for airline tickets and made the arrangements. Kind of shocked Jean in the morning when I told her we were going to Denmark.

Then Heather got upset when she found out we were going to Denmark without her without inviting her. I told her that it was a family reunion, so of course she was invited and all she had to do was find her way to Denmark, which she did.

Turned out, it was not actually a family reunion, but just a reunion of Mom's sisters and bothers and kids were not invited. Gitte made room for Jean, Heather and I anyways.

Lizzie and Helge (Gitte's husband)
From left to right, Benny, Bjarne, Herluf, Mom (Jytte)

The Reunion

Back from left to right - Bjarne, Gitte, Jytte, Benny

From from left to right - Lizzie, Herluf

Helge tends to Katalina's needs while Gitte tends to her own needs.

The deck outside of Gitte's house.
Gitte and Helge have a small sheep farm. Gitte also has a small business selling wool and various knitted clothes and things.
Gitte has three kids. This one is Line. The other two are Mette and Søren.
Line with Katalina. Katalina is Søren and Mararite's daugher.
Who can resist cute kittens in a flower pot.

Margarite and Søren. Søren is a research scientist. He is studying a method of looking at the atomic structure of materials using some advanced, space age methods. He claims they can look into aluminum and other metals up to about a centimeter. The idea is to look at the atomic structure of metals under stress to be able to better predict their actions and strenghts. The idea was to be able to build stronger or better structures and things. He has developed a very sophisticated algorythym to go along with this. An unanticipated outcome of this research is that it can be used in the pharmacutical industry

Søren will talking at UBC in Vancouver in July. Jan and/or I may see him when he makes it out here.

Margarite is originally from Russia and has been in Denmark for about 10 years. Her Danish is perfect as is her English and Russian.