May 28, 2006

Jean and Heather took the train to Legoland (long train ride) and Dennis walked the sights in and around Copenhagen.

Søndermarken. This park is very close to where my father's mother lived. (Farmor) I remember taking many walks in this park with her when I was five years old. At five, the memories include the walk, but also the squirrels and the ice cream that was normally bought at the far side of the park.

This is the building where my grandmother lived. (Farmor)

Kastellet. This is military barracks that is surrounded by a moat, fortifications and cannons. This is right beside the Little Mermaid and is worth a walk around and through.

The tour buses converge down by the Little Mermaid. If they would look over to the other side, they would see the Swan in her nest.

Jean and Heather arrive at Legoland. You can tell it's going to be a good day by looking at the clouds, puddles and umbrellas.

They found a way to keep dry. Sort of.