May 29, 2006


This is the first thing we see when we get off the train in Malmo. I'm not sure the Americans would appreciate this work of art.

The parking lot.

Looking back at the train station on the way into the city.



Another piece of art. You can almost hear them.

Not art, but you really could hear them. We listened to this band while eating lunch at an outdoor restaurant.

Flowers. Jean just had to have a picture.

Back in Copenhagen.

The is the real Nyhavn 17 and it's currently being maintained.

Compare this against yesterday's Lego buildings.

The far side of the canal is the lively side. There are a lot of restaurants there. The side we are on is very quiet in comparison. It's been this way for hundreds of years.

The second building from the left with the red roof but duller white than the one next door is where Dad took his apprenticeship. The actual business is no longer there.

At the Palace, we saw this car being driven around with two important looking people in the back. There was also a film crew in the car to start with and then off to the side when we took this picture. Let's pretend it was the Princess from Australia. It seemed important for them to get the pictures because it started to rain, lightly at first, and then heavy and they kept circling the statue.