May 30, 2006

Before heading up to Gilleleje, we met Bo, Eva and Gino at our hotel and had a cup of coffee with them. We had not met Bo since June 1984 when he visited Canada.
Eva and Gino

Today was the day of the family reunion on my Dad's side. This was a true family reunion with his sister, her four kids (my cousins), their kids and even a few kids kids.

We took the train from Copenhagen to Hillerød and then transferred to another train to Gilleleje which is at the very top end of the island. This is a picture back at the train station as we walk towards town.

Gillilije is more of a tourist town than a fishing village now. We have a walk around the old part of town and then stop in at the docks for ice cream and beer.

Kamille on the left looking after Sophia, ??? and Lisa.
From left to right, Dad (Tage), Mette, Johan, Søren and Heather.
Dinner time.
Clockwise at the first table, Dad, Susanna, Kamille, Johan, Liselotte
Clockwise, starting at the front: Mette, Maria, Mia, Michael, Charlotta
Clockwise, starting at the front left: Heather, Morten, Dennis, Åse (Dad's Sister), Mom (Jytte)

Closest table, clockwise, starting at the left: Kjeld, Ulric, Jean.

Back table, clockwise, starting from the left: Lizelotte, Dad, Susanna,Kamille, Johan.

Ulric and his son, Mads
Left: Dennis Right: Morten
Mia with Maria on the left, Sophia on the right.
Susanna & Johan's House. Charlotta and Michael live in half of it.
Åse with Sophia
From left to right: Søren, Dennis, Kamille, Dennis, Johan
Sister and Brother


On the train ride back home, she was telling us that she lives in a small apartment. The building is being changed from rental units to ownership, so as part of the deal she got to look at the paperwork for her unit. It's about 250 years old and there have been some very large families living in the space she feels is small for one.

Mom, Åse, Dad
From left to right, Susanna, Søren, Dennis, Mette, Lizelotte.