May 31, 2006

Jean and Bo on the beach close to the old summerhouse. We spent a lot of time here in 1969.

My Mom's Mom's (Mormor) summerhouse. It has been fixed up since we were there in 1969. Bo thought it might even have been rebuilt, but he was not sure. The old summerhouse had more windows. The yard is a lot smaller now than it was then because it looks like another house has been added. The driveway is also to the right of where it use to be to make room for the new house. There use to be lots of room for flying kites, but the trees would eat them now.

This was Benny's summerhouse. Bo spent a lot time here as a kid and it's very close to the other summerhouse.

Eva and Gino.
This is the beach close to Bo and Eva's summerhouse. In the distance, close to the point, is beach close to where my Mormor's summerhouse was
Bo's summerhouse and yard. It's a nice big place that they rent out when they are not using it. It can sleep 6 people comfortably.
Old windmill. A real one, not one of these new fangled ones in the windmill farms.