This is the view we arrived to from the Ocean Manor Resort in Cabarete in the Dominican Republic.
View from our suite looking towards the ocean. We were on the top floor, which was the 3rd floor.
From the beach looking up towards the resort.
We had an air conditioned room.
Temperature outside was at last 32 and very humid.
Note: Let the camera warm up a long time before trying to take a picture or it will look like a foggy day.
Resort, looking over the second pool towards the bar.
Jean on the beach right by the resort.
On Tuesday night, we were entertained by this group of dancers.
Rocky's Bar in Sosua. We arrived on Saturday, and Brad took us to Rocky's at 5:30, also known as Beer-30 to meet a bunch of locals. They meet there for drinks and then decide where to go for dinner, so several of us went to another restaurant for dinner afterwards. The next day, Jean commented to Brad that it was a lot of fun and did they have Beer-30 every Saturday. Brad looked at her like she was from outer space and said "No, we do it every day" Retirement is a different way of life.
Yes, Brad ate the whole thing and then wanted to go for ice cream afterwards.
This is just one of the tourist trinket stands along the beach in Sosua. We only made it part way down the beach, but the shopping goes on for a kilometer or more, including bars and restaurants along the way. Note that if you go into one of the shops, then when you exit, the guy in the next stand will tell you "My turn, you have to see my shop now." We also had many of them tell us "No pressure" and then proceeded to keep talking and would not shut up and kept pressuring us to buy something. Was funny to start with, but got tiring after a while.
This was taken in a restaurant on the beach in Cabarete, which was about a 25 minute walk along the beach from our resort. After a long walk in the hot sun, the first order of business was to sit down in the shade with a cold drink.
A beach vendor.
View of the beach in Cabarete
Rio San Juan was about 30 minutes east of Cabarete. It boasted this protected, fresh water inlet.
Mangroves in the inlet.
On the road from Cabarete to Moca. It was a long road with lots of steep hills. All kinds of transportation is available from motorcycles to cars, vans and buses to donkey's.
While the donkey method seemed to be slow, Brad's car overheated while climbing the hills in the heat. The donkey passed us.
View from where we stopped to fill up the radiator with water
Move view from the same area
At the half way point, at the top of the hill before starting the head down, was a restaurant with a great view. We stopped there for lunch and posing.
Lunch at the restaurant
View from the restaurant

This large monument was visible from everywhere in Santiago. It's probably the largest tourist attraction in town.

This guy called himself Mr. Monument. Trying to be very friendly to get us to agree to have him show us the sights and be our tour guide. He was not an official tour guide and pretended to be moving along when the police drove by and slowed down. Regardless, we did hire him to show us a few areas that we would not have seen otherwise given our short timetable in Santiago.

Lots of interesting art work around the monument and there was a story to each piece and what it represented
Lots of interesting art work around the monument and there was a story to each piece and what it represented
View of Santiago from the monument
An important guy on a horse. Same statue and pose was in Puerto Plata too.
Fort in Puerto Plata
Goat for lunch
On the last night in the Dominican Republic
Lots of great food. This is just a sample.
Dinner was held on a table right out by the ocean, far away from the rest of the restaurant. No wind, great view, great service, great meal. Ok, I'll admit we enjoyed it. From left to right, Don, Brad, Dennis and Jean.
Walkway from the main restaurant to the table by the ocean. This restaurant is beside an all inclusive resort, so we were the only guests until just before we finished up and left. Seems the all inclusive crowd had spent their money on the standard buffets, so they did not go out and enjoy the surrounding restaurants. A real shame because the food in this area is really cheap, plentiful and good.