Ensuite Renovations

This is what the ensuite looked like before we started. Very nice, expect it only had a tub and did not have a toilet, sink or shower and had an extra doorway into the hallway. ensuite.jpg - 51094 Bytes
First cuts into the tile for the toilet hole and water pipes. ensuite12.jpg - 37269 Bytes
Phil making a mess of the old tile and wall. The wiring was in the way of the new shower so he had to move the wiring to the other side of the wall, change the electric heater thermostat to one on the unit, add a light over the vanity and move the plug in over to the vanity. ensuite01.jpg - 54818 Bytes
Added an extension to the wall to make room for the shower. Instead of double french doors, we are changing it to a 32 inch door with glass that obscures the view instead of being clear. ensuite03.jpg - 35646 Bytes
Because we did not want the pipes to drop down into the living room, we had to run the pipes up over the floor. The base for the shower had to be raised about 4 inches to make room for the pipe and for it to drain downhill. Phil did have to cut a hole in the tile to allow for the trap to sit down below the floor, but not into the living room. ensuite02.jpg - 42771 Bytes
Door is now blocked, toilet, vanity and new light are now in place. A little tile work is needed and the mirror still needs to be installed. ensuite04.jpg - 28780 Bytes
This is what the base for the shower looks like. ensuite13.jpg - 47800 Bytes
To get the toilet to drain, we had to connect to the stack on the outside wall. The hardest part was figuring out where the plumbing was running. We will connect to this pipe and run a line across the laundry room and up to the ensuite. ensuite07.jpg - 22898 Bytes
After the pipe has been run and boxed in with gyproc. We added some insulation to keep the noise down. ensuite06.jpg - 24319 Bytes
This is the hole for the pipe to come out of the laundry room and then up to the ensuite. It will be boxed in when done. ensuite08.jpg - 34643 Bytes
This is a view of the pantry before we started. We will be removing the pantry, widening the door to 32 inches fromm 27 and increasing the height of the doorway. pantry_before.jpg - 44625 Bytes
From the entry way looking through the widened doorway. Note the plumbing that was hidden for the old location of the washer and dryer. ensuite09.jpg - 50341 Bytes
View from the kitchen ensuite10.jpg - 50525 Bytes
Phil laying tiles in the entryway. This is under where the storage cabinet was and where the china cabinet will be going. ensuite05.jpg - 50358 Bytes
Final view of the ensuite from the bedroom. As you can see, the door is gone and we now have a toilet, cabinet and sink and shower. ensuite22.jpg - 28493 Bytes
View of the shower. The tap has a preset temperature so we only have to turn it on and off and not adjust the temperature each time we get in. The round door slides around. By not opening like a regular door, we don't have the problem of water dripping on the floor. ensuite21.jpg - 27778 Bytes