Garage Construction - Nov/Dec 2003

Breaking Ground

We have to watch out for the gas line that was put in a month ago and remove all the hidden buried stuff. Two loads in the dump truck.
garage_01.jpg - 73944 Bytes

Forms and steel ready

And we have a sunny warm day to boot. Because the foundation and slab are all poured in one piece, the edge has to be deeper to get below the frost line. To prevent cracking, we put steel in the floor and had a fiberglass compound in the concrete.
garage_02.jpg - 66121 Bytes
Another view of the preparation before pouring. garage_03.jpg - 66631 Bytes

Concrete is poured

They spend many hours and late into the night smoothing it out. The temperature dropped, so the concrete setup very slowly. Plastic was placed over the concrete overnight to prevent freezing as it did get to -3.
garage_07.jpg - 92088 Bytes
Now it's Phil's turn. Here he's building the walls. Jean and I lend our support to raise the walls. garage_06.jpg - 87543 Bytes
Snow complicates the building, but Phil keeps at it to get the trusses up. garage_05.jpg - 60772 Bytes
At this point, the plywood is almost all on. Phil then spends the next two days finishing the plywood, putting on the shingles, and installing the roof vents. We'll leave the electrical and gas work to others when the ground thaws. The plan is to have the garage insulated and heated, but this winter at least we'll have a roof to keep the snow and ice off the cars. garage_04.jpg - 56027 Bytes