Hawaii 2006

First Day

We arrived at about 11:30 at night. We could hear the waves from our suite, but really could not see much. In the morning, when the sun came up, this is what we saw from our living room.

Beach View

This is a typical view from our lani, or balcony. Nice to have an ocean front unit. In this facitility, a garden view is looking into an inside courtyard.

Maui Downhill

We got up at around 2 am to get ready and have a van pick us up from our condo. We were taken to a central staging area, served muffins and coffee and then driven to the top of the volcano. We got up there about 5:30 while it was still dark and watched the sky change colour and finally the sun come up.

It was just about down to freezing up on top, but the worst part was the strong wind that was blowing. The raincoats and gloves helped serve as a windbreak.

Telescopes on Top

As it got lighter, we could see the observatory. It was just a little higher than us. Apparently, it has one of the best views in the world as it has to cut through less atmosphere being up so high.


If you look down, you can see into the volcano crater. We did not stick around long as our group was first in line of 18 bike groups that were waiting to leave.

Picture time

The tour guides got everyone into different poses for pictures. This family had four kids so it was a real show watching them getting everyone onto the bike at the same time.

Our Picture

We had to get into the act too. No, we did not coast the whole way down like this. The ride was actually very civilized. We had 38 miles to travel, all of it downhill except for 400 yards of light pedalling. So between watch the sunrise, making a few stops for pictures, stoping for breakfast and then arriving at the ocean, it was a good day.

Yes, we worked up a sweat. It was around 80 degrees F. at the bottom.

Looking back up

The day before our trip we had very heavy rain and thick clouds. For our trip, the sky parted and we had beautiful clear sky all the way down. Looking back up, you can almost see the top of the volcano, but it's starting to get a few clouds around it again. Our timing was perfect.

Prettiest Girl at the Luau

Need I say more.....oh yeah, it was also her birthday

A new appreciation for Coconuts.

Our meal, actually a feast, lasted 3 hours and between each course they put on a show for us.

The morning after.....

The next night, we decided to eat supper at the Sea House in Napali Bay. As we started to drive, the rain started. It got heavier and heavier the closer we got. After we parked in their parking lot, we were not exactly sure where to go, but we took a few steps and we were soaked through to the skin. We kept walking along a sideway, but there was so much rain in our eyes we had a hard time reading the signs. We almost made it to the restaurant, but turned back because we were too soaked to sit and eat and enjoy it. We stopped by McDonalds on the way back to the condo.

The rain continued, and then the lighting started it got stronger and stronger. On the TV at about 9:30 they broadcast a tornado warning, so we moved into the bedroom which is behind a concrete block wall and away from the glass and continued to watch TV. The storm continued for a few hours.

The next morning, we looked out the window and this is what we saw. Mud flowing in the waves to a nice clear sky.

Mud Everywhere

As the sun came up, the extent of the mud in the ocean could really be seen. Red water everywhere. We then heard on the news that a tornado had struck on Lanai, an Island very close to us, and destroyed a construction trailer and damaged several others. Also, two condos less than a mile from us were flooded out.

Submarine Ride

On sunday morning, we took a submarine ride. Here are the two of us at the start. As you can see from the display from us, we are still at the surface at 0 feet. At our deepest point, we got down to 150 feet.

The Reef

Fish everywhere. At 150 feet down, on the reef, there were an amazing amount of fish of different sizes, shapes and colours.

Old Anchor

In the sandy area, there was an anchor from the mid 1800's

The Sub

Back up on top, we got onto a boat to take us back to shore. Here you see the submarine that took us down and the Tug that helped hold it in position while it was on the surface.

The mountains in the background are the old volcano on West Maui.