Sept 24, 2003

Miranda said we should meet at McDonalds at the airport…she had to get up at 0430 and take several buses to get to the airport. I just cleared customs at 0630, walked towards the "M" and there she was! sept24_1.jpg - 61403 Bytes
After getting to her apt and having breakfast and a shower, we went for a walk on the campus. It was unusually hot for the early spring- about 30 degrees. sept24_2.jpg - 108919 Bytes
It's called the Parkland campus. sept24_3.jpg - 65345 Bytes
The NCELTR building where Miranda shares an office while working on her marketing internship promoting univeristy activities to ESL students. sept24_4.jpg - 81942 Bytes
There was a big storm the other day…some damaged trees. sept24_5.jpg - 120248 Bytes
Lots of birds on the campus…
the ones on the bottom right are cockatiels.
sept24_6.jpg - 76949 Bytes

Outside Miranda's building - also known as Little Americal (90% American students) or the Ghetto or the Projects. Miranda and I decided to stay at the Stamford, right across the street for my first night there. We have to leave for the airport at about 0530 and decided we would stay there and get a good night's sleep, Miranda's dorm can be noisy at times. It's an expensive hotel, but Miranda has a gym membership so we got a 50% discount.

But it's still $150.00 a night with the discount. We lazed around the pool and then went to Inferno for dinner…at the same mall where Miranda works. She had salmon, I had barrmundi. Then it was back to the hotel for some hot tub time and then to bed by 10. A long day for me!

sept24_7.jpg - 102810 Bytes