Sept 25, 2003

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The next morning we were up at 445 to be at the airport by 630 for our flight to Darwin.

Miranda took this picture when we arrived safely in Darwin. Hope our backpacks arrived too. (They did)

sept25_1.jpg - 39494 Bytes

It's very hot and humid here. We checked into our hotel, bought some snacks and brekkie items and went for a quick swim.

We wanted to go to the night markets at Mindil Beach- it was a long walk and was dark by the time we got there. Sunset at Mindil Beach.

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The markets were excellent- lots of crafts, foods, trinkets, even pony rides.We each bought a hat and Miranda bought a sarong. It was very crowded.We had dinner there…yiros-souvlaki in a pita. They were very good. We also bought some mangoes for breakfast at this stall and then took a cab back to our hotel. sept25_3.jpg - 71736 Bytes
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