Sept 26, 2003

Breakfast in our hotel room…we had bought muesli, milk and mangoes but we didn't have any bowls, so we had to eat the muesli without milk, but it was good anyway. The mangoes were very sweet and so good. sept26_1.jpg - 38612 Bytes
Coffee Time sept26_2.jpg - 42846 Bytes
Pool time. sept26_3.jpg - 68090 Bytes

Darwin was bombed over 60 times in WW2 and lots of building flattened by Cyclone Tracy in 1973 so there aren't a lot of older buildings in the town.

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sept26_4.jpg - 79598 Bytes
This is what’s left of the Town Hall after the Cyclone sept26_5.jpg - 85474 Bytes
The harbour area. Very pretty. sept26_6.jpg - 68146 Bytes
Admiralty House. One of the few old tropical houses left…built on stilts. We went back for another swim, then we went out for a nice dinner.After that, we went to "Deckchair Cinema" down by the harbour. It is like our Beach Blanket Film Festival. The Australian Comedy Film Festival was playing...a bunch of short films, some funny, some not. We stayed until we were tired of sitting on the hard chairs! It was a beautiful night for being outdoors under the stars. sept26_7.jpg - 66834 Bytes
We got up early and went for a long walk on Centennial Trail (before it got too hot). This beach was deserted…kind of rocky but also crocodiles are a problem here. sept26_8.jpg - 50076 Bytes