Sept 27, 2003

The Centennial trail- rainforest section sept27_1.jpg - 45978 Bytes
Bats in the trees…creepy sept27_2.jpg - 123394 Bytes
Rainforest trail sept27_3.jpg - 110180 Bytes
A nice view of the ocean…Beagle Gulf…there was Beagle Street, Beagle Bay…all because Charles Darwin came on the good ship Beagle. sept27_4.jpg - 57074 Bytes
Lorakeets…small parrots sept27_5.jpg - 92772 Bytes
We went shopping in the afternoon..I got a cotton sarong and top. Sarongs and tanktops are the main clothing items worn here…so cool and comfy in the heat. Miranda got a sarong at the market the other night. So we went out for dinner at Hogs Breathe Café and wore our sarongs. sept27_6.jpg - 59697 Bytes