Sept 28, 2003

We got up at 4:45 in order to get on our tour bus

By 7:00 we had picked up everyone at various motels, hostels and were heading south on the Stuart Hwy.

We stopped for an outdoor breakfast- cooked on a barbie at Adelaide River Crossing.

sept28_1.jpg - 58190 Bytes
We stopped at a war memorial briefly. Our bus is like the United Nations…Germans, Brits, Dutch, Canadians, Americans, South Africans,Thai, Slovakians, Irish. No Aussies or Kiwis though. Except the driver, Scuba who is a Kiwi and Elle, in charge of food, who is from Adelaide. We drove all morning to the town of Katharine. Went to the campsite for lunch. We are divided into 4groups to cook or clean up. Our group doesn't have any chores so we relax a bit. After lunch we have a short ride to Katharine Gorge. We can choose to go canoeing or on a boat ride down the gorge. We choose the boat ride as there are crocs here. sept28_2.jpg - 86447 Bytes
We have a couple of hours to relax before the boat ride, so we sit on the dock…finally the heat outweighs my fear of crocs and there are a few other people swimming so I take the plunge. It felt so good. I was dripping! sept28_3.jpg - 78108 Bytes
A guide was attacked by a freshie (freshwater croc) on a tour that some of the girls on our tour were on last week. But we are fine here. sept28_4.jpg - 51962 Bytes
Katharine River Gorge. Very pretty. There are 13 gorges..we will see 2. sept28_5.jpg - 69191 Bytes
The cliffs are awesome. sept28_6.jpg - 74406 Bytes
We get off the boat and hike up to these paintings. sept28_7.jpg - 66354 Bytes
sept28_8.jpg - 65734 Bytes
Cave. sept28_9.jpg - 80061 Bytes
This is the boat we were on. sept28_10.jpg - 47614 Bytes
The sandy areas are where the crocs lay their eggs. The picture doesn't show it too well, but you can see their tracks. These nestng areas were all along the river's edge. sept28_11.jpg - 63484 Bytes
More of the Katharine River Gorge sept28_12.jpg - 61829 Bytes
Another cave…this one had lots of bird nests in it. sept28_13.jpg - 90165 Bytes
The end of the boat ride. Back to our campground. One of the groups cooked up a stir fry and rice. It was delicious. It was 8 by the time we ate and we were starving. Our group was on cleanup. We fell into our sleeping bags by 10…it was very hot, no breeze and finally we managed to fall asleep. I had a new travel alarm clock and set it 10 minutes before we had to get up. (There were only 3 showers for all us women.) I woke up and saw the time and got Mer and myself up and to the washroom all ready to jump in the shower. When I looked at my watch in the washroom, I saw it was only 230 in the morning. So we went back to bed!! sept28_14.jpg - 62645 Bytes