Sept 29, 2003

Up at 0445, showered and an hours drive down the highway to Mataranka where there are thermal pools, discovered by soldiers in WW2. We followed a path to the pools, very tropical allthough the surrounding area is desert. There were lots of bats in the trees. sept29_1.jpg - 87482 Bytes
We had a quick swim. sept29_2.jpg - 75768 Bytes
We had a nice outdoors breakfast..very nice campground here. Mataranka was the site of a cattle station in the early 1900's where one of the first white women in the area came with her husband. She was not well received…but when her husband died, she took over the station and became well respected. She wrote a book "We of the Never-Never" about her experiences and the book has become an Australian classic. I bought the book in the little store here. sept29_3.jpg - 76420 Bytes
Daly Waters Pub…the oldest pub in Australia. We stopped here for lunch at the outdoor barbie. Our group was cooking…barbequed chicken and salads. It was delicious. sept29_4.jpg - 60424 Bytes
Not much traffic here…but they have a traffic light just in case. sept29_5.jpg - 74412 Bytes
In the pub. It was an interesting little place. sept29_6.jpg - 76812 Bytes
The pub owner also is the gas jockey. sept29_7.jpg - 57340 Bytes
Juno Creek Horse Station- Our tent. We slept in swags which is like a large canvas sleeping bag with foam inside. You put your sleeping bag in it and yourself, zip it up and you are set to sleep. If it rains, just pull the canvas head piece over your head and you're quite cozy. sept29_8.jpg - 69797 Bytes
The scenery sept29_9.jpg - 44444 Bytes
The windmill on the station and the "swimming pool"- it was so hot the station owner had filled the tank with ice cold water and some of us went swimming along with some big bugs.It still felt good. The ladder up to the pool was like a step ladder!! We had fajitas, then Nicki and Ariana, the American girls showed all the Europeans how to make smores around the fire. It was a fun evening. sept29_10.jpg - 43899 Bytes