Sept 30, 2003

Up at 06…these were the horses on the station…we didin't go horse riding!! sept30_1.jpg - 98147 Bytes
The pool and windmill in the morning. sept30_2.jpg - 48931 Bytes
We went on a mine tour. It was okay. sept30_3.jpg - 97186 Bytes
Our next stop was at Devil's Marbles. We walked around the park..some neat rocks. It reminded me of Garden of the Gods in Colorado. sept30_4.jpg - 71519 Bytes
Devils Marbles sept30_5.jpg - 78274 Bytes
A balancing act sept30_6.jpg - 59114 Bytes
More rocks sept30_7.jpg - 37144 Bytes
At the entrance to the Park sept30_8.jpg - 66645 Bytes
Our United Nations group- all 39 of us, including Elly, the food and entertainment coordinator! And Scuba the bus driver who took the picture. sept30_9.jpg - 63409 Bytes
sept30_10.jpg - 41547 Bytes
The Adelaide to Darwin Railroad…it took 100 years to complete and was just finished. There were many problems building it! The first train from Adelaide to Darwin will run Feb. 2004. We carried on for another long day of bus riding…we watched the movie The Rabbitproof Fence which my friend Marg had recommended to me when we were in Australia 3 years ago. It's a true story of Aboriginal children being removed from their parents and how they struggled to walk 1000's of miles back to their home. It's very good but very sad. sept30_11.jpg - 19310 Bytes
We arrived in Alice Springs about 6 pm…we decided to upgrade to a room for 2, not stay in a dorm which was the bus tour accomadation. Our room was fine…this is Miranda's bed a few minutes after we arrived…it was so nice to unpack in light, not in a dark tent. We showered, went to a used bookstore and then met everyone for pizza and beer at the bar. This hostel was nice, dorms, motel rooms, laundry, internet, a pub, restaurant and tours to arrange. We had dinner, I stayed for awhile... after dancing and singing "YMCA" on the tables in the pub, I went to bed. Miranda stayed longer and danced and had fun with the others on the tour. There are a couple of people older than me- (who also danced on the table), a couple of people in their 30's and most in their 20's and some German teens. sept30_12.jpg - 52522 Bytes