Oct. 1, 2003

We were up and ready to go by 6…a new 3 day tour…but all of the 24 people were on the previous tour, so that's nice. We have a new driver, Earl, but no "coordinator" this trip. We stopped for breakfast out of Alice Springs…some large birds..cassowarys I believe. We drove past a US army base..the largest outside of the USA and it's all underground. Our driver said "spooky things happen there!!" pic1001_01.jpg - 85448 Bytes
Scenery…note the dead trees still standing. pic1001_02.jpg - 40002 Bytes
Canada (Mer) vs USA ( Nicky) pic1001_03.jpg - 45361 Bytes
The wood we gathered…could only be standing up. It it's lying down it's home to too many animals. pic1001_04.jpg - 54404 Bytes
Earl loading up the wood on the trailer…(That has all our food and our backpacks in it) pic1001_05.jpg - 45547 Bytes
Hiking in the Kings Canyon area. I really liked the colours and the hike here. The scenery was very beautiful…greens and blues and red and browns.The camera just doesn't capture how beautiful it was. Unfortunately, Miranda left her runners on the other bus. She had to hike 7 km on rocky slopes in her thongs. Not good for someone with arthritis who's knees are already sore. But she did it. pic1001_06.jpg - 79270 Bytes
More views. pic1001_07.jpg - 115469 Bytes
pic1001_08.jpg - 71568 Bytes
It was hot and windy. The breeze helped a lot. pic1001_09.jpg - 82208 Bytes
pic1001_10.jpg - 57295 Bytes
If we wanted to look over the edge, we had to lie flat on our stomachs and look down. It's very high and very steep. pic1001_11.jpg - 45620 Bytes
pic1001_12.jpg - 80615 Bytes
Steep cliffs pic1001_13.jpg - 70914 Bytes
pic1001_14.jpg - 66722 Bytes
pic1001_15.jpg - 53009 Bytes
Looking across…we are heading up there. pic1001_16.jpg - 55469 Bytes
Mer and Joanne pic1001_21.jpg - 72116 Bytes
pic1001_17.jpg - 59191 Bytes
pic1001_18.jpg - 75833 Bytes
pic1001_19.jpg - 55113 Bytes
pic1001_20.jpg - 104819 Bytes
Sebastien, Ariana, Nicky and Miranda pic1001_22.jpg - 48177 Bytes
pic1001_24.jpg - 72776 Bytes
pic1001_25.jpg - 105871 Bytes
The thermometer says 36 degrees. The breeze does help but it still is hard hiking uphill in this heat. pic1001_26.jpg - 68117 Bytes
At our campground in the outback hills. Earl helping the girls make damper. Same as our bannock. pic1001_27.jpg - 47825 Bytes
Our tent. It has 4 bunks each with a foamie. The tour company has permanent campsites at various areas..usually with an outdoor kitchen with running water, barbie and a few showers. pic1001_28.jpg - 38590 Bytes
Cooking the damper, chicken, potatoes, veggies over the fire. It was one of the best meals. There were so many stars out, we could see the Southern Cross easily. IT was beautiful.Quite a few people have been sleeping outside each night in swags but Miranda and I usually sleep in the tents. pic1001_29.jpg - 39260 Bytes