October 2, 2003

The Straight and Narrow! oct2_01.jpg - 46763 Bytes
Even flowers grow in this harsh climate. oct2_02.jpg - 95945 Bytes
Curtis Springs Cattle Station- we stopped for coffee here. IT's a average size station- 1 million acres. The largest station is 7 million acres! oct2_03.jpg - 67103 Bytes
The sign says it all. oct2_04.jpg - 80826 Bytes
This little camel was wandering around, quite friendly. There were bigger camels in a pen. oct2_05.jpg - 80955 Bytes
He liked Miranda…I think he was going to give her a kiss! oct2_06.jpg - 76681 Bytes
We arrived at our campground at Uluru…(Ayers Rock). This is limited accomadation here. The hotel/condos rent from $350.00 to 2000.00 per night. Our campsite is included in our tour! oct2_07.jpg - 48464 Bytes
The camp kitchen. We are on cleanup after lunch today. oct2_08.jpg - 54369 Bytes
The Kata Tjuta's (The Olgas). Very important and sacred site to Aboriginals. oct2_9.jpg - 73098 Bytes
oct2_10.jpg - 48116 Bytes
John and Joanne oct2_11.jpg - 52607 Bytes
Flowers growing out the rocks. oct2_12.jpg - 101793 Bytes
Awesome! oct2_13.jpg - 107559 Bytes
More awesome! oct2_14.jpg - 56075 Bytes
oct2_15.jpg - 61987 Bytes
More views oct2_16.jpg - 69056 Bytes
The path was quite rocky. I loaned Mer my running shoes and wore my walking sandals today. oct2_17.jpg - 77252 Bytes
oct2_18.jpg - 48954 Bytes
oct2_19.jpg - 56458 Bytes
oct2_20.jpg - 66608 Bytes
oct2_21.jpg - 41944 Bytes
From a distance…our hike today was 7 km. It was another hot and windy day. oct2_22.jpg - 53207 Bytes
Can you see the little lizard? oct2_23.jpg - 102411 Bytes
oct2_24.jpg - 43801 Bytes
First view of Uluru (Ayers Rock) in the late afternoon. oct2_25.jpg - 41835 Bytes
Closer oct2_26.jpg - 52965 Bytes
Earl, our driver, Nicky and I can't pronounce or spell his name getting the champagne. Some of the tour guides are wearing white shirts and ties and have set up table with white tablecloths on the fancier tours. Unbelievable in all this red dust! oct2_27.jpg - 65497 Bytes
Guess who? oct2_28.jpg - 52900 Bytes
Cheese and crackers too. oct2_29.jpg - 73198 Bytes
The German "Schnitzels". 9- 16 year old studying English on the Gold Coast for a year. Most of them met on a tour from Darwin to the Kakadu area, then joined our first tour. Really nice young people. Lisa, Anneka, Tim, Jen, Monica, Katy, Sebastian (Maury) Lisa, Kristine. oct2_30.jpg - 63902 Bytes
The Dutchies…I can't pronounce her Dutch/Japanese name, Martin and Pasquale, David oct2_31.jpg - 50493 Bytes
The Americans…Nicky and Ariana…going to Monash University in Melbourne oct2_32.jpg - 50760 Bytes
Nicky…always the comedian…from New York, studying to be a special ed teacher oct2_34.jpg - 47494 Bytes
The Canadians- John from Van, Joanne from Burnaby, us. John and Joanne both go to SFU and met on their exchange to a university in Melbourne. Joanne is thinking of becoming a nurse. oct2_35.jpg - 55537 Bytes
The Slovaks…unfortunately can't spell their names..very nice couple. He works in Sydney, she is going to University of Sydney. oct2_36.jpg - 42100 Bytes
This lady is from Thailand…studying law in Sydney oct2_37.jpg - 44079 Bytes
Changing colours as the sun sets. oct2_38.jpg - 44034 Bytes
oct2_39.jpg - 60337 Bytes
United Nations…Canada, Holland, Germany, USA oct2_40.jpg - 40996 Bytes
The sky was pink, blue, orange oct2_41.jpg - 27097 Bytes
At the parking lot…hundreds of people. Earl said Uluru is a gimmick now with all the tourists. While it was awesome to see it, I much preferred Kings Canyon and the Kata Tjutas both for scenery and a more interesting hike. oct2_42.jpg - 23864 Bytes
Sunset. When we got back to the campground we had dinner and a nice evening around the fire, singing our national anthems. Earl had his didgeridoo (as did Scuba on the previous tour) so some of us tried playing it. Miranda and one of the German boys did quite well. I only tried it one time. It's like "blowing a raspberry" into the instrument to get the sound. Each evening we have listened to a few people playing the didgeridoo. oct2_43.jpg - 14085 Bytes