Oct. 3, 2003

We were up at 0430, to have brekkie and get to Uluru before the crowds…it's only a 10 minute drive. This was taken when we started the walk at 0545. oct3_01.jpg - 12551 Bytes
There are many sacred areas, where photos can't be taken…we are about 20 feet from the rock and it is roped off. oct3_02.jpg - 48927 Bytes
oct3_03.jpg - 32006 Bytes
Different colours. oct3_04.jpg - 32262 Bytes
oct3_05.jpg - 63951 Bytes
Sun rise oct3_06.jpg - 19491 Bytes
The trail was easy and flat. We did the 9 km base walk in 1.5 hours. Miranda in her thongs again. oct3_07.jpg - 80087 Bytes
oct3_08.jpg - 39060 Bytes
The climb was closed when we first arrived due to high winds, but it opened an hour later. The Aboriginals request that people don't climb the rock as it is a sacred site. But many people do as you can see. Only Maury from our group climbed it. oct3_09.jpg - 43834 Bytes
The climb. oct3_10.jpg - 46521 Bytes
oct3_11.jpg - 31647 Bytes
Another area close to the rock. Earl told us several Aboriginal legends about the rock…he is very knowledgable about the history, geology, legends of the area. Only 24 and he owns 4 houses and told us he has already paid the max into his retirement fund for all his working years...hmm. oct3_12.jpg - 77599 Bytes
Many of the legends include serpents…this rock does look a bit like a giant snake..you can see how the rock looks like a snake with the head turned back…even with an eye. oct3_13.jpg - 56294 Bytes
A desert rose oct3_14.jpg - 124435 Bytes
Back at the campsite for lunch. We are leaving the area to drive back to Alice Springs…it's a 5 hour drive. oct3_15.jpg - 60430 Bytes
One hour outside of Alice Springs we stop for a quick camel ride. Our camel's name is Psycho. Nicky's and Ariana's camel is Killer. oct3_16.jpg - 52669 Bytes
oct3_17.jpg - 61527 Bytes
Cantering…or whatever it is camels do. It felt like cantering on a horse. oct3_18.jpg - 60653 Bytes
It was fun! oct3_19.jpg - 68855 Bytes
End of the ride. oct3_20.jpg - 63349 Bytes
David the lawyer from London Eng., and Shirley the photographer from South Africa took a turn also. Shirley has been travelling all over Australia by herself. I missed getting their pictures at Uluru. oct3_21.jpg - 71489 Bytes
A friendly dingo. oct3_22.jpg - 79502 Bytes
We continued on to Alice Springs, arriving there by 7. Miranda and I had reserved a hotel with a hot tub, but it wasn't filled and the pool was freezing, so we washed the dust off and went to the Red Ochre Grill for dinner. Dennis and I had been to this restaurant in Cairns and I remembered the delicious meal of emu, lamb and kangaroo that we had. We decided before we got there we were going to have emu, but it wasn't on the menu, so Miranda has barramundi and I had lamb. It was a pretty good meal. We were tired, having been up since 0430, so we didn't hit the bar with the rest of the gang. We went back to our hotel and went to sleep! oct3_23.jpg - 66956 Bytes