Oct 4, 2003

We slept in until 0730, had some coffee and headed to the washer and dryer. It was constantly in use and there was only 1! So we went and got a few groceries, came back and finally got to wash our filthy clothes. By then it was 1100 and we had to leave by 100. So we went for a walk in the downtown area of Alice Springs..it's kind of like a frontier/tourist town. Right on the edge. One of the signs I saw near Alice said "Next gas station...1000kms. This was a jacaranda tree. They are so beautiful...not native to Australia though. oct4_01.jpg - 98859 Bytes
The first hospital in Alice Springs built in 1926. Many of the buildings have wrap around verandah's. They are good for cooling off in the hot summers. I decided my next house will have a wrap around verandah. They would be good in Penticton. oct4_02.jpg - 76386 Bytes
Anzac Hill…we didn't have time to walk up there, but it is a good spot to view the town. I would have liked to have spent more time as there seemed to be lots to see and do. But the train out of Alice only goes on Sat. and Tues. and we have lots more places to go. oct4_03.jpg - 64524 Bytes
Waiting for the cab outside our motel. We have to take a detour to the Adventure tours compound to get someone's shoes. Luckily they have found them. oct4_04.jpg - 67728 Bytes
At the train station. We are going from Alice Springs to Adelaide…19 hours overnight, in a reclining seat. Hmmm. It's a long train…you can ship your car on this train. The ticket agent teases us that all Canadians must be given Canadian flag luggage tags when they Canada. He thinks it so we don't get mistaken for those other folk who live south of us! oct4_05.jpg - 48280 Bytes
It's called the Ghan…after the Afghans and their camels who came in the 1800's to Australia. oct4_06.jpg - 57908 Bytes
Scenery from the train. oct4_07.jpg - 37515 Bytes
The Finke River…there has been a drought here. We have crossed the border into South Australia from the Northern Territory oct4_08.jpg - 22158 Bytes
Scenery from the train. oct4_09.jpg - 28830 Bytes
Having a snack on the train. oct4_10.jpg - 43110 Bytes
Our conductor was a lot of fun, kept teasing us. I didn't get a picture of him. He called us lushes and Americans. oct4_11.jpg - 54997 Bytes
Playing Rummy. We met some students from Montana, studying in Adelaide. They asked us where in Canada were we from. Seems we do have an accent…apparently much softer than an American accent. oct4_12.jpg - 53610 Bytes