Oct. 5, 2003

Sunrise over the Flinders range. We are still on the train! oct5_01.jpg - 20138 Bytes
oct5_02.jpg - 20825 Bytes
oct5_03.jpg - 20012 Bytes
Getting close to Adelaide. oct5_04.jpg - 27274 Bytes

We arrived in Adelaide about 1000 and got a cab to the car rental agency in downtown Adelaide. We thought the traffic wouldn't be too bad on a Sunday morning and it would be easier for Miranda to get used to driving on the left side. (first time.) It was fine until about 10 minutes into driving when we were pulled over and she had to do a roadside breathalyzer! It was a bit tricky to cross over several lanes of traffic but most difficult to get the window down on the car! She passed of course. There are more random breathalzyer checks here than in Canada.

We drove out to Gleneg, a beach suburb of Adelaide. A nurse from Adelaide that I work with suggested staying out there. We checked in at a Best Western and then headed out to walk around. It was a trendy area with lots of shops, restaurants and interesting people.

The beach at Gleneg. It was cool and windy though. This is the Southern Ocean.

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The pier. There were several groups of wedding parties getting pictures done…very scenic. oct5_06.jpg - 52288 Bytes
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There's a tram that goes up and down the street. Miranda didn't like driving on this street..very busy with pedesterians, very narrow and trams in the middle of the road. oct5_09.jpg - 47514 Bytes
On the beach. Note Miranda's glow in the dark shoes. oct5_10.jpg - 59991 Bytes
Miranda's tree picture. oct5_11.jpg - 79179 Bytes
oct5_12.jpg - 48783 Bytes
We went out for dinner…Miranda has been trying all sorts of different seafood and vegetables while in Australia and avoiding dairy and red meat for months now. Being mainly vegan, it has been hard some times to find food she can eat.Soy milk and soy cheese not readily available in many of the small places we've been. I encouraged her to try the fresh local oysters that I ordered. They were delicious… oct5_13.jpg - 52377 Bytes
Oops…she didn't like them at all. oct5_14.jpg - 58393 Bytes