October 6, 2003

On Monday morning we drove into Adelaide and went on a bit of a walking tour. This was Henry Ayers House…the first governor of South Australia…Ayers Rock was named after him. oct6_01.jpg - 50955 Bytes
We went to the Museum of South Australia for a quick look. We walked past a large hospital and university and then into a shopping area. All the stores were closed..we found out it was Labour Day in South Australia today. oct6_02.jpg - 54900 Bytes
World Cup Rugby fever is spreading everywhere. oct6_03.jpg - 77406 Bytes
The River Torrens goes through Adelaide. It's quite pretty. oct6_04.jpg - 57206 Bytes
Spring flowers. oct6_05.jpg - 71802 Bytes
University of South Australia. oct6_06.jpg - 93448 Bytes
We left Adelaide and headed to the Barossa Valley…a grape growing region about 50 km north of Adelaide. oct6_07.jpg - 53865 Bytes
We found the Miranda Family winery and went there for lunch. The food was good but the service slow. We bought some wine of course and some "Miranda" souvenirs. oct6_08.jpg - 38214 Bytes
Outside the Miranda winery. Established in 1939. Www.Mirandawines.com oct6_09.jpg - 74848 Bytes
Chateau Tanuda…one of the oldest winerys in the region. It was closed by the time we got there and a lot of construction work going on. oct6_10.jpg - 39905 Bytes
oct6_11.jpg - 40448 Bytes
This was a quaint old church…Many German people emigrated here in the mid 1800's due to religious persecution.Lots of the names of the towns were changed in WW2 There were lots of old stones houses and stone fences. oct6_12.jpg - 55492 Bytes
oct6_13.jpg - 61120 Bytes