October 7, 2003

Some of the vines are very old. oct7_01.jpg - 90465 Bytes
We went to Wolf Blass winery as Miranda thought they had a wine she had tried that she really liked. They didn't have it, but we did taste a few of their wines and look in their wine museum. Wolf Blass emigrated from Germany in the 1960's and he has won many awards for his wine. oct7_02.jpg - 52514 Bytes
A view of the Barossa Valley. I loved it here…green fields, flowers, farms, old houses. It was like Saanich on Van. Island used to be…very pastoral. oct7_03.jpg - 38442 Bytes
A memorial to those German pioneers. oct7_04.jpg - 66870 Bytes
Spring flowers. oct7_05.jpg - 127425 Bytes
Nice view. oct7_06.jpg - 34842 Bytes
oct7_07.jpg - 46726 Bytes
Lots of sheep. oct7_08.jpg - 40345 Bytes
One sheep was staring at me taking his picture. He then took off running and soon all the others were following him…Just like sheep! oct7_09.jpg - 49037 Bytes
We went to Yalumba winery next, which is an old winery and one that we can buy their wines in Canada. We sampled a few, bought a bottle and went on to a shop that sells handmade Austalian crafts. oct7_10.jpg - 92877 Bytes
The tasting area at Yalumba. oct7_11.jpg - 80988 Bytes
More vineyards. oct7_12.jpg - 67292 Bytes
Notice the purple field of flowers at the top of the picture. oct7_13.jpg - 56514 Bytes
On the road again. Miranda is doing very well driving on the left. oct7_14.jpg - 107564 Bytes
Bridge over the Murray River…a long and important river in southern Australia. oct7_15.jpg - 32907 Bytes
The Giant Lobster at Kingston. Kind of like the Big Pineapple and the Big Banana in Queensland. oct7_16.jpg - 44752 Bytes
We drive about 5 hours along the coast to get to the village of Robe on the Southern Ocean. It's cold, windy and wet here. oct7_17.jpg - 38004 Bytes
Very rugged and beautiful coastline. Miranda doesn't get out of the car to see…she's cold and tired of driving. oct7_18.jpg - 50499 Bytes
The Doorway Rock. We stay at a motel in the village and decide to go out for dinner…it's hard to find a nice place that's open…but we find one that opens in 1 hour…so we decide to have a snack as Mer is starving and absolutely can not wait for 1 hour.…by the time we get our chips at a very busy fish and chip place, it's almost time to go eat dinner. The best part about the restaurant is the nice wood fireplace that is blasting out heat...we sit beside it... Miranda has barramundi...I had lamb. Very good meal. A very nice couple run the motel and the restaurant. Wish we had stayed here. We go back to our motel, the heater doesn't work, but we stayed here because it has a heated pool...so we go for a swim...it is lukewarm...we are freezing. So we go to bed by 9..it is raining and blowing. I am told the winds come from Antartica. Brr. oct7_19.jpg - 32006 Bytes