October 8, 2003

The next morning we drove to another little oceanside village called Beachport on the Shipwreck Trail. oct8_01.jpg - 69824 Bytes
The pier. oct8_02.jpg - 33548 Bytes
We had a large breakfast here. We needed gas too…it was over $1.00 per litre. oct8_03.jpg - 55455 Bytes
Looks like home except these trees have all been planted in nice straight rows. oct8_04.jpg - 68432 Bytes
Lots of wind off the ocean for these windmills. oct8_05.jpg - 43838 Bytes

We stopped for lunch at the town of Mt Gambier. The first internet access we have found in 3 days so we send emails to family and friends. We crossed the border from South Australia into the state of Victoria after lunch.

We drive through a large park…beautiful scenery. There's a cold wind blowing so we decide not to do any of the hikes.

oct8_06.jpg - 50086 Bytes
oct8_07.jpg - 66297 Bytes
We stopped for the night at Warrnambool. We found a nice vegetarian/seafood restaurant and they had soy milk but no wine. It was a BYOB. No worries…I go out to the car and get a nice bottle of wine out of the trunk that we had bought in the Barossa. For a small fee, they uncork it and recork it to take with us when we leave. They have talked about doing this in BC..I think it's a good idea. I had a type of fish called ling...it tasted like cod. oct8_08.jpg - 42276 Bytes