October 9, 2003

We liked the restaurant so much that we go back for breakfast so Miranda can have muesli and soy milk. oct9_01.jpg - 52727 Bytes
Starting on the Great Ocean Road. oct9_02.jpg - 27544 Bytes
At the first lookout…very wet and windy. oct9_03.jpg - 41550 Bytes
oct9_04.jpg - 35297 Bytes
Very rugged coastline. oct9_05.jpg - 23798 Bytes
Another lookout…The Grotto oct9_06.jpg - 69634 Bytes
oct9_07.jpg - 45049 Bytes
London Bridge oct9_08.jpg - 41271 Bytes
The rock used to extend further out until 1990 when a section fell into the ocean. oct9_09.jpg - 47684 Bytes
This is the end…there were 2 tourists on this end section when the middle piece fell in. They were easily rescued. oct9_10.jpg - 42147 Bytes
Sun's out! oct9_11.jpg - 54341 Bytes
Nice beach if you can get to it! oct9_12.jpg - 36983 Bytes
We stopped here. oct9_13.jpg - 99107 Bytes
The 12 Apostles. There are only 7 left due to erosion. I have wanted to come here since our friend Phil showed us his pictures from his trip here in the early 90's. We didn't have time to come here in 2000 so I am happy to see it this time. oct9_14.jpg - 53550 Bytes
Another view. oct9_15.jpg - 39932 Bytes
Very scenic. oct9_16.jpg - 38335 Bytes
You could take a helicopter ride over the 12 Apostles..we didn't. oct9_17.jpg - 56853 Bytes
The harbour at Apollo Bay. We stopped for lunch at this pretty little town. Our friend Phil's sister Marg lived here for many years but has recently moved. It's a beautiful spot on the coast. oct9_18.jpg - 41863 Bytes
We continued driving along the coast on the very winding road…the scenery was beautiful. oct9_19.jpg - 25266 Bytes
Narrow winding road. The cyclists were going as fast as we were and it was hard to pass with all the corners. oct9_20.jpg - 43599 Bytes
There was a whole group of cyclists spread out over a few kms. oct9_21.jpg - 30259 Bytes
We got to the ferry at Queenscliff at 2 minutes to 4 and drove on and it sailed almost immediately. We still have a 2 hour drive ahead of us.Coming into the seaside town of Sorrento. These little buildings are boathouses. A slightly large one sold for $200,000…prime real estate right on the ocean. oct9_22.jpg - 48128 Bytes
Harbour at Sorrento. oct9_23.jpg - 32827 Bytes
We headed in the wrong direction off the ferry and ended up at this beach in Sorrento. We got back on the main road, heading towards Melbourne, then turned east and south to head to Phillip Island. It has been a very long driving day for Miranda. We get to the town of Cowes on Phillip Island around 645. Our purpose in coming here is to see the Penguin Parade when penguins come out of the ocean each night around 7pm. We thought we had made it just in time. But they close the road to the beach at 630 so we missed it. It's one of the things Miranda really wants to see, so we decide to stay another day and see the penguins tomorrow night. We will miss our day in Melbourne but a day relaxing at a oceanside village sounds really apppealing! We go out for dinner and then head back to our hotel. I am on my 6th book now! oct9_24.jpg - 38002 Bytes