October 10, 2003

I got up about 7 and went for a walk along the beach at Cowes and then went to a grocery store to get some breakfast and lunch foods. oct10_01.jpg - 42275 Bytes
The beach…a few blocks from our hotel. oct10_02.jpg - 47123 Bytes
We spent the day reading, relaxing and going for a long walk around the village. Around 5 we drove out to the country to go to "The Woolshed" to look at some handwoven/knitted items. It was closed..but we did see a few kangaroos. I only got a picture of one, as they move fast. oct10_03.jpg - 41087 Bytes
You can see his tail..he hopped very quickly across the road in front of us. oct10_04.jpg - 50475 Bytes
We arrived at the beach to see "The Penguin Parade." No photos are allowed so I took a few in the information center. We then headed out to the beach area and sat on benches to wait for the penguins. We had bought gloves earlier today and brought our sleeping bags to wrap ourselves in. It was so cold, with the wind blowing right of the ocean. At dusk, we could see the penguins come out of the water and up on to the beach. We watched for awhile and were a bit disappointed as it was hard to see them. So we decided to go, and walked up the boardwalk..then we could see them really well, as they walked on the ground by the boardwalk. They are the smallest penguins in the world and are a dark blue colour. They walk in groups and chatter and squawk and the males push each other around. It was so neat to see. oct10_05.jpg - 47366 Bytes
oct10_06.jpg - 49469 Bytes
oct10_07.jpg - 33944 Bytes
After seeing the penguins we went out for dinner to a nice restaurant called "The Jetty". Miranda had salmon and I had a type of fish called Tasmanian trumpeter which was quite good. oct10_08.jpg - 31502 Bytes