October 11, 2003

On the road again towards Melbourne. oct11_01.jpg - 39581 Bytes
We unfortunately don't have time to stop in Melbourne, it looks like a very nice city. This is the Telstra Dome where Canada plays Wales tonight in World Cup Rugby. We drove by the University of Victoria and the Victoria markets where Miranda spent some time a few weeks ago when she was in Melbourne. They have a wierd left turn here called a hook turn...Miranda managed to avoid doing any left hook turns. The traffic was quite heavy and slow. oct11_02.jpg - 43430 Bytes
We stopped in Seymour, a town about 100km north of Melbourne for lunch. We then visited The Brave Goose Vineyard. oct11_03.jpg - 43098 Bytes
Joanne Stocker, owner of the vinyard is the sister of Kathy Gross, one of the pediatricians I work with. oct11_04.jpg - 103550 Bytes
The view of the billabong from their patio. This area is in the Goulburn Valley, a fruit and grape growing region of Victoria. oct11_05.jpg - 101848 Bytes
Joanne showed us their tasting room…the cellar door.They don't have a large supply left as sales have been very good this year. They are entered in the Spring Wine Festival in a week or so and need to have at least 4 dozen of each wine entered, in case the wine wins a medal. The wine is then served at the large dinner. Neverthless, we tasted a very nice Cabernet Merlot and I brought back a bottle for Kathy and one for us. oct11_06.jpg - 99612 Bytes
Joanne…her husband was away. They bought their house for $20,000 and had it moved to this acreage. She said that is common to do instead of destroying older homes. They live in Melbourne and come to the vinyard most weekends. oct11_07.jpg - 103403 Bytes
Joanne and Bella (Australian cattle dog/poodle cross.) oct11_08.jpg - 103778 Bytes
The driveway out. oct11_09.jpg - 38072 Bytes
Their newest vineyard. One of their daughters is just finishing a Bachelor of Science and is interested in becoming a vintner…hence the new vines. oct11_10.jpg - 43073 Bytes
Oh oh…a speeding ticket and $200.00 fine for Miranda. She told the police officer she was speeding to get to the next washroom.He said you just past a rest area 2km back. Oh oh!! oct11_11.jpg - 60624 Bytes
We followed him at a leisurely pace for awhile. We drove to Albury, on the Victoria/New South Wales border.The Murray River is here…we crossed it days ago in South Australia. We went to a movie "Calendar Girl". It's hilarious and I highly recommend it. oct11_12.jpg - 46423 Bytes