October 13, 2003

We returned the car this am, got some groceries… Miranda wants a Canadian Thanksgiving. It was hard to find a turkey, but we found a small one and some sweet pumpkin which is actually more like our squash. It took 3 trips to various stores to find cranberry sauce and we finally did find it in the spice section.

Ceiling over the shower in Miranda's lovely apt. They had a flood ages ago and took weeks to get it fixed to this point. It still looks pretty bad.

oct13_01.jpg - 28179 Bytes
Lovely blinds- some missing, some broken. The university charges a lot to the international students so it was disappointing to see the poor maintenance. Although, renting to students can be difficult. One student was expelled for throwing a washer out of a third floor window. The university has laid charges against him. oct13_02.jpg - 53185 Bytes
How many Canadians does it take to change an Aussie light bulb??? oct13_03.jpg - 45148 Bytes
More than us 2!! I bought new light bulbs for Miranda's table lamp (so I could read in bed..she graciously gave me her bed and she is sleeping on the couch). I couldn't get the new bulb in..the Aussie bulbs snap out instead of turning and all of the plastic bits on the sockets are broken on these lamps. Miranda said it would take months to get a new lamp from the uni, so she wasn't going to bother asking for one. The students aren't allowed to change the ceiling light bulbs...have to call Maintenance. oct13_04.jpg - 51414 Bytes
Dead lamps!! oct13_05.jpg - 45565 Bytes
In the afternoon we went to the mall to a matinee called A Japanese Story. It's an Australian made film, I thought it was good. Miranda thought it too slow. Afterwards, we went to Oporto for grilled chicken. That's where Miranda works. oct13_06.jpg - 61339 Bytes