October 14, 2003

We celebrated Thanksgiving on the 14th…but actually that's Thanksgiving Day in Canada. The turkey needed that long to thaw. We got geberas for the table…no maple leaves here for the table. oct14_01.jpg - 38815 Bytes
Bad picture of me…but good picture of the turkey. oct14_02.jpg - 36651 Bytes
Shannon from California, Miranda's roomie making the gravy. oct14_03.jpg - 46507 Bytes
The pies. Miranda cooked the pumpkin and I made the pies. Miranda did roasted veggies and mashed potatoes. Very good!! oct14_04.jpg - 39030 Bytes
The table. oct14_05.jpg - 44953 Bytes
Shannon and Miranda. We invited her other roomies and friends, but they already had plans for another student's birthday party so it was just the 3 of us.Miranda's other roomies this term are from Oregon and New Jersey. If the turkey had been thawed on Monday, they would have come and we could have celebrated Thanksgiving on the correct day on Aussie time. oct14_06.jpg - 49363 Bytes
Dinner is served. oct14_07.jpg - 42712 Bytes