October 15, 2003

Today Miranda had a class and a meeting so I planned a trip to the Blue Mountains. There was a trip by train from the station near Miranda's to the Blue Mountains with a bus pass to get on and off at various places in the mountains for $36.00 so I got up early and went. Miranda wrote out all the bus/train instructions for me. One of her roomies Mom's got on the wrong bus when she was here and got lost... It's about 21/2 hours to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains and I arrived there around 1130. I hopped on the tour bus and this is the first view of the Blue Mountains and the 3 Sisters. oct15_01.jpg - 46213 Bytes
I went on 3 different rides…this was the first one…The cable car. The views were awesome. oct15_02.jpg - 110981 Bytes
On the Sky Tram. The 3 Sisters in the background. oct15_03.jpg - 57902 Bytes
I also went on the Railway…steepest in the world. All 3 rides for $20.00. I thought it was very reasonable. oct15_04.jpg - 83519 Bytes
Sitting on the train…it's pretty steep. oct15_05.jpg - 59061 Bytes
View from the train. oct15_06.jpg - 39098 Bytes
The track..very steep. oct15_07.jpg - 150717 Bytes
Lots of interesting trees. oct15_08.jpg - 96701 Bytes
I did a hike through the rainforest…lots of trees as I mentioned. oct15_16.jpg - 106393 Bytes
This is the sky tram. oct15_09.jpg - 89960 Bytes
I wanted to try an Aussie pie..this was a chicken pie. It was delicious. Fries seem to come with everything, even in nicer restaurants. oct15_17.jpg - 51821 Bytes
I watched the cable car come and go while I ate lunch. oct15_10.jpg - 88355 Bytes
I got back on the bus after lunch and went to another area with some nice falls. oct15_18.jpg - 119799 Bytes
Rain forest. oct15_11.jpg - 117296 Bytes
oct15_19.jpg - 102479 Bytes
More falls. The hike was easy. oct15_12.jpg - 115691 Bytes
I decided to go on another hike..a hour long as the trail so far seemed easy…but the trail got rougher in spots and it wasn't well marked. After 40 minutes of not seeing any other tourists I was wondering if I should have gone by myself! But I did finally came out where I should be, at the second set of falls. oct15_20.jpg - 79001 Bytes
Nice rocks. oct15_13.jpg - 93380 Bytes
The lookout I was just standing on. oct15_21.jpg - 79374 Bytes
I think these are white gum trees. oct15_14.jpg - 112704 Bytes
The Blue Mountains get their name from the bluish haze that the oil from the eucalyptus trees give off. oct15_22.jpg - 28981 Bytes
Cliffs. oct15_15.jpg - 38957 Bytes
The hike I just did. oct15_23.jpg - 82189 Bytes
The second set of falls…not to big as there hasn't been too much rain. oct15_24.jpg - 82728 Bytes
oct15_25.jpg - 78659 Bytes
Nice views. oct15_26.jpg - 45867 Bytes
Back on the bus! oct15_27.jpg - 72825 Bytes
I got off the bus again in Leura a pretty little artsy village. oct15_28.jpg - 84932 Bytes
One of the murals. I wandered through all the little shops. oct15_29.jpg - 91068 Bytes
Flowering trees on the main street. oct15_30.jpg - 50584 Bytes

The wind came up and the blossoms blew everywhere. These teens were shouting "It's snowing" and throwing the blossoms at each other and having lots of fun.

I got on the train in Leura and headed back to Sydney. I was back in North Ryde just after 7. Miranda got home shortly after and made us a tasty tofu stirfry for dinner. We watched a movie and she played her guitar for me.

oct15_31.jpg - 81875 Bytes