New Years 2002 to 2003

Ainsworth Hot Springs

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Driving from Penticton to Ainsworth Hot Springs.
This view is from the lookout over Osoyoos.

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We drove through right after a major snow storm.
You can see the snow on the trees, but happily, the sun was out.

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Phil and Marg in their own car as they are heading out to Alberta and points north after Ainsworth.

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View of the hot springs pool and lake.

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The pool from above. Jean and I are in the top right corner of the picture.

jandd_pool.jpg - 105875 Bytes

A closer look

hotspringcave.jpg - 142808 Bytes

The caves have much hotter water. Around 40 to 44 C.

marginsnow.jpg - 71736 Bytes

Marg walking in the snow in her bathing suit. For her friends back home.

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Marg won a tee shirt as one of the door prizes.

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Count the glasses on the table.
Someone is happy.

dandj_midnight.jpg - 44466 Bytes

Dennis and Jean at Midnight

pandm_midnight.jpg - 44289 Bytes

Phil and Marg.

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Lots of ugly power poles.

nelsoncourthouse.jpg - 62458 Bytes

Nelson Court House

nelsoncityhall.jpg - 73884 Bytes

Nelson City Hall

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Snow Plow on the bridge heading into Castlegar. They had 20 cm of snow overnight.

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Streets in Grand Forks - snow piled in the center for later loading into trucks.