Oct 3, 2000

Caught the 9 am water taxi to the Crocodile Club on Long Island in the Whitsundays. There are lots of islands and resorts in this area and some are very expensive. We got a good deal on a one day stay because we got the stand-by rates and with the Olympics being on, business was slow. Made us glad we didn't try to pre-book and pay the extra fees that were being hyped up last spring because supposedly the whole coast would be busy because of the Olympics.

The picture here is of the water taxi, but they are just one of many, many different operators in the area. It seems you don't need much more than a boat and a captain's hat, but I'm sure there must be some regulations. I might sound a little synical, but that's because we heard on the news that two tourist boats have sunk off the coast over the last few days. The reefs are treacherous, but two boats?

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Spent a good part of the day relaxing on the beach reading our books, eating, and reading some more. We were planning on taking a small catermeran sailboat out, but the winds picked up and three people needed to be rescued by the staff. They were towed in with a sea-doo, and as a result, they cancelled our plans.


So instead we took a small walk up the island to the other side.

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We saw quite a few Wallabys on this walk, one being just a baby. Here you can see one in the trees. The flash went off in the camera, so his eyes are brighter than normal. After dark, we saw 2 adults and 3 young ones feeding at the back of the resort.

Lots of parrots and big white Cockatoos flying around the area too. As it got close to dark, one of the trees started turning from green to white because of the numbers of birds landing in it.

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The resort was located off the beach and many of the units hidden in the trees, but this gives you an idea of what it was like. It was just before dark, so that's why it looks a little dark and depressing. Remember that we spent the sunny hot time on the beach instead of running around taking pictures.

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