Oct 4, 2000

We continued our tour down the coast to Rockhampton and then headed in to the inland route. Again, we went up some steep hills to get to the higher lands and then headed through some very pretty farm country. When we came to Biloela, we stopped into visit Billie Lids, one of our customers. Billie Lids is australian slang for kids clothing.

We were surprised by the size of this town. It services quite a large area and therefore has a lot of shops and services. Mostly, this is an agricultural region.

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We knew the lands on the inland route were in dry country, but we were still surprised by the number and sizes of the catus plants we saw. Some were like trees and they really seemed to thrive here.

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Another customer store in Monto called Outnumbered, which is a ladies fashions store. They were already closed when we went through town so all we got was this picture. From here, we drove south to Mundaberra, citrus capital of Australia.

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