Oct 8, 2000

Managed to sleep in a little this morning, but not by much. Check out time was 10 am. First thing we noticed when stepping outside is the weather seemed to have changed and there were a lot of flys out. Our plan was to spend a day relaxing on the beach reading our books, etc. At breakfast, we were swarmed by flys and one tried getting into my ear while another tried crawling up my nostril at the same time. Was not very pleasant.

So instead, we walked around a bit, keeping the speed up to try to avoid the flys. Today we found Pelicans by the dozens, They were all over the place and they were friendly - if you had food to offer. We watched someone else feed them.

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The Entrance was so named because of the entry way of the river channel into the salt water lake. This picture is that entrance at low tide, and the river was flowing out. At high tide, it flows the other way to fill up the lake.

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And the river channel was littered with jellyfish. This one was about 6 inches across. You can see 4 chambers in the jellyfish.

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We then headed into Sydney over the famous bridge and did a little last minute shopping and had lunch before heading off to find a hotel room. We stayed at the same place we did when we first arrived. Seemed the easiest to find, and we knew the quality was good. Jean wasn't happy with all the stairs in the place as we had to take all the bags in for packing before getting on the plane tomorrow. Oh well, she'll be over it by the time she reads this.

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