Oregon Trip - Easter Weekend 2001

Where were we going?

We had decided on taking a trip during the Easter weekend, but we could not agree where or what to do. So a few weeks before Easter, I told Jean that I had made some arrangements and to have her bags packed and be ready to leave Thursday April 12 at 2 pm. Just for fun, I decided not to tell her where we were going.

Of course, she was getting a panic attack, not knowing what to pack, so I gave her a few hints. Told her to bring her swimsuit, and for good measure, her gloves. The threw her off the track of where we were going but also made for a good photo opportunity.

When we got to the airport and checked in, the clerk told us the bags were checked through to Portland, Oregon and that was Jean's first clue. I told her later that we were renting a car and driving out to Seaside on the Pacific Coast.

First thing we did when we got to Seaside was head to the beach to have a look at the waves.

We had to stop and watch this seagull for about 5 mins. Looks like he ate a large starfish and had a very hard time getting it down. He just sat there for quite a while with several legs hanging out of his month and then he tried to swallow a bit more. What you see here is his last big gulp and down it went.

This seagull was huge. Much wider than any others we had seen. After he swallowed the starfish, he was twisting from side to side and all around to help get it all the way down his throat. Quite a site.

On one of the days, we drove down the Oregon coast to Lincoln City and back. There scenery along the coast was great, with lots of small rest stops and view points.

There was a nice beach at Oceanside that Jean and I decided to walk along. The beach wasn't all that long, but it had a tunnel through the rocks to the beach on the other side. At low tide, you could walk around the rocks on the beach, but at high tide, there was no way to get around without getting wet and risking being bashed against the rocks by the waves.

If you look carefully, you'll see the hole that is the entrance to the tunnel. It's directly below the hang glider that is flying above.

I used the flash for this picture. There is no lighting in the tunnel and it's actually very dark. Through most of it, there is enough headroom, but Jean hit her head in one spot near the center but fortunately did not hurt herself.

There were several rock arches in the water. These are protected for wildlife so there are restrictions on boating near them or crawling on them. But these could easily be enjoyed from shore.

Lots of hang gliders in the area so we had to stop and watch for a while. Some of these guys must have a real death wish to jump off the cliffs the way they do.

We had a rental car that was low to the ground, so we didn't try this. In several areas on the Oregon coast and in Washington State, you can drive on the beach, in some cases for very long distances.

This huge tower was on the top of the tallest hill in Astoria. It was completed in 1926, is 125 feet tall and has 164 steps inside of it to get to the top. The staircase is circular and very steep. Going up was a struggle. Coming down was fast, but it was easy to get dizzy going round and round and round....

View from the top