Switched at Birth!

PENTICTON, BC - Staff Reporter - In a daring daylight switch, two baby beagles were reversed and one was sent home to the wrong family.

Dennis Jacobsen, the proud owner of beagle number DRA6N (Dragon for short), check the beagle over carefully before purchase. The papers were signed, documents filled in and then in some quick slight-of-paw maneuvers, puppy number DRA4N jumped into place and hitched a ride to Penticton.

Kim Longlitz, beagle breeder extraordinare, didn't notice the quick footed puppy farm break out until the morning check the next day. She was checking on the remaining puppies and saw DRA6N smiling at her, knowing that the jig was up.

After a quick trip to Merrit by Dennis, Kim, and both beagles, the switch back was made in the McDonald's Parking lot.

Have a look at the following pictures and see if you can tell the difference. Is there a difference?

Which is which?Both beagles having a drink of water in Merrit after a long drive. dra6n_1.jpg - 101208 Bytes

Another view to the Two

Look close - now can you tell which is which?
dra6n_2.jpg - 104936 Bytes

The real DRA6N

We'll call her Dragon for short. We still need to decide on a name. Belle, Daisy and Melody are all in the running. Strangely, Dragon has been ruled out for this cute critter.
dra6n_3.jpg - 65021 Bytes

No white spot on top

Number 4 has a white spot in the top centre. Number 6 does not.
dra6n_4.jpg - 100519 Bytes
dra6n_5.jpg - 88682 Bytes
dra6n_6.jpg - 90981 Bytes