Sept 10, 2000

The resort is actually a gated condo community. At the gate, you have to buzz the manager to get in, or carry the remote control to open the gates. The pool and hot tubs are fantastic, but the whole place is very quiet and sterile. We could use a little more noise, kids playing, etc., but we hardly see a single human in the complex. It's a nice place to stay and sleep, but we won't be spending much time here. We have places to go, sites to see.

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Here is a picture of our unit from the outside.

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The place includes a kitchen complete with fridge, microwave, oven, cooktop and so on. Handy for breakfasts and lunches but we'll probably go out for most of our suppers. However, there is a barbecue up by the swimming pool so we did by some steak and lamb.

Doesn't Jean look good in the kitchen?

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Phil and Marg came down for a visit. Went out for supper to a restaurant with HUGE servings. None of us finished our meals. Jean ordered Calamari. She got to large bowls of it, with a bowl of fries and a bowl of salad. She managed to eat one bowl of calamari and not much else. Fortunately, we have a fridge at the condo, so she took home a doggy bag.

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