Sept 13, 2000

Today was a pretty relaxing day. We stayed around the resort for part of the day. We had a swim in the pool and sat in the hot tub as the sun set. Last night we were out in the hot tub to view the almost full moon.

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Dropped Jean off at the mall while I went out to visit a few customers. Lycos Auto Parts in Southport is a very happy customer. That was good, as I preferred to have a nice social visit instead of solving problems. They currently have a three station system, but have plans to add several more stores around Australia.

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We dropped out to the spit north of Surfers Paradise and the Main Beach. This is a picture of Surfers Paradise from that location. As you can see, it's very built up. We headed to a beach on the other side of the breakwater where the wind wasn't blowing, ate our lunch, slept, read our books, and slept some more. As I said, a relaxing day.

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