Sept 14, 2000

Springbrook National Park from Best of all lookout. That's not our name, that's what the sign said. It was very impressive. Seems that Mt. Warning use to be a huge volcano, and the huge area surrounding it is now what's left, including steep cliffs, mountains and hills with the core in the center being the remains Mt. Warning.

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As we were driving up the hill, this hedgehog crossed the road right in front of us. Small and cute. Choice was to get out and take a picture or run over it. Here's the picture.

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Natural Arch. This is still in the Springbrook National Park. The river managed to wear a hole in the river bed and created a tunnel. In the cave, there are glow works hanging from the ceiling and bats flying around. Jean was not too impressed with the bats as we did not see them until we walked right into the cave and our eyes adjusted to the darkness.

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Another fire started on the side of the road. As we approached, the fire trucks were just arriving in front of us. Many of the fires here are started by cigarette butts, but there also seems to be a problem with small children playing with matches and not realizing how serious it is.

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Mount Warning. This mountain is in the center of the park and is quite a sight. It can be seen from the coast and all around. On the map, we saw a road leading to it, so we drove there. Found a shortcut that turned out to be a 16 km very narrow gravel road. Jean was sure we were lost and was surprised when we came out the other side at the Mount Warning Hotel and Bistro. (I was surprised too, but don't tell Jean) We found the road leading up to the mountain. We got there about 4 pm, and the sign said it was an 8.8 km return walk, was very steep, and would take about 5 hours. The sign said not to hike up after 12 pm and then to carry a "torch" in case of being delayed. We were so looking forward to the climb. {grin} Guess we'll go back another day *if* we have time.

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Captain Cook Memorial. This is located on the coast on the border between Queensland and New South Wales. Port Danger was named because of the breakers and current that surprised Captain Cook and almost caused a problem. Mount Warning was named such because it was easily seen from the coast and they could use that as a landmark.

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