Sept 15, 2000

We took it pretty easy today. Went down to Broadbeach and spent some time in the ocean and the waves. Water is incredibly warm, and it's only early spring here. We saw one of the small blue jellyfish swimming about in the water close to us, but these are not the dangerous Box Jellyfish found up north. These just sting a little, I'm told. (Not going to bother finding out)

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We then went for a relaxing beer and lunch, read our books and kicked around a craft fair in the early evening. The opening ceremonies for the Olympics were on TV, so we watched for the first 15 mins before going out and came back in time for the dramatic lighting of the flame. Skipped watching 5 hours of TV. We're glad to be out of Sydney during the games as the traffic and crowds are impossible.

While we were in Sydney, we found the roads hard to navigate with a single road having many different names in different areas. For the Olympics, they brought in bus drivers from around Australia to help and these drivers got lost too. Finally, they had to use volunteers on the buses to navigate for the drivers.