Sept 16, 2000

Started off the day with a trip to Ipswitch, which is west of Brisbane. It's a very old town with lots of old buildings. There is a walking path that goes past many of the old buildings and there's a bit of history to go with each one. We did part of the trail, but not the whole thing. The picture below is of the old courthouse.

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The walking trail took us to the park on top of Denmark Hill. On the top of this hill are two large water reservoirs, and the one of them had stairs so that we could walk to the top of it for a view of the entire area.

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View from the top of the water tower.

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The view wasn't the fun part, however. On our way up the tower, a magpie started chasing us and dive bombing our heads. Fortunately, he didn't actually hit us, but it was quite a scare. Often, he would quietly swoop down from behind us without flapping his wings and fly right past or over our heads. This guy was mad at us being in his territory. I sent Jean out on her own so I could get a picture....she wasn't too happy about that idea.

The magpie was quite smart. Seemed to know to attack us from the back and never from the front.

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When we stopped for lunch in downtown Ipswitch, we noticed a furniture store across the street named Big White. The logo looked very similar to the Big White Ski resort in Kelowna, so we had to take a picture for comparison. This is the same resort that was advertising on TV the other day.

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Around 2, we went over to Phil and Marg's place. What a fantastic house and yard. They have oranges (two types), lemons, limes, macadamia nuts, mangos, pineapples and many other types of fruit growing in their yard. More pictures later, but this is the front of the house.

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