Sept 17, 2000

Sunday morning and Phil had to make coffee for breakfast. We brought him 3 kg of his favorite drip coffee (at his request) but he did not have a coffee maker. He purchased one on Saturday morning for the fantastic price of $19.95, make a pot of coffee, poured the first two cups and then the coffee pot broke. It was very poorly designed as the glass was very thin and the top of the handle hooked the top of the glass. When he brought it back, there was no problem getting his money back because they had seen this problem before, but he could not get a replacement as they were all built like this.

So Phil was reduced to using a small funnel to making the coffee. Big drama.

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We ate breakfast in the gazebo in their back yard.

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They also have a pool, but it's just getting off winter and they haven't used it yet this spring, but the water feels quite warm.

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In the afternoon, we took a trip to the Queensland University, also known as the Sandstone University because of it's construction. Miranda is thinking of taking one of her years in University in Australia as an exchange student, so we thought we'd have a look and send her a picture or two. The original complex is huge and is surrounded by this covered walkway.

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This is the same building but viewed through the interior courtyard which is filled with trees, grass, walkways and benches. Looks like a great place to study.

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To get back to our car, we had to take this small passenger ferry across the Brisbane River. They have a lot of these small ferries up and down the river to just jump across. Marg on the left, Jean on the right.

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For more serious travelling on the river, they have the City Cats. They operate as part of the transit system from the university east through the city to the far side. The ride is smooth and fast.

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The river goes through the heart of the city, under many bridges. Here is just one. As we travelled, Marg and Phil were pointing out many of the old buildings and some of the history that went with them. We got off at the most easterly point and went for supper. When we returned, it was dark and all the bridges were lighted up and it made a spectacular scene. Unfortunately, the camera shutter slowed down to compensate for the light, so the pictures we very blurred. However, you can get the idea from this small picture.

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